We evolve to offer avant-garde and disruptive strategies that enhance positioning in the pharmaceutical industry. 
We are leaders in Continuous Medical Education, generation of high value content and medical congresses in any format.

Academic events

Our experience in congresses, courses, diplomas, and symposia demonstrates our excellence for more than 18 years in the creation of content with our opinion leaders.

Plataformas y contenido

Innovamos para llevar la Educación Médica Continua al mundo digital, aumentando el alcance e impacto.

Medical endorsement

We are endorsed by:

Medical area

We have a group of top-level medical specialists and opinion leaders, 
dedicated to generate current and high-quality content.

Dr. Francisco Higuera

Medical director

Dr. Xavier Escudero Cañedo


Dra. Viridiana Gorbea Chávez

Gineco-obstetra y Uroginecóloga

Dra. Argelia Lara Solares


Dr. Marte Hernández Porras

Pediatric Infectology

Dr. Gerardo López Pérez


Dra. Irma Corlay Noriega


Dr. Jorge Yamamoto Cuevas


Dr. Paulo Francisco Castañeda Ménde


Dra. Fátima Higuera de la Tijera


Dra. Desirée Larennas

Pediatric Allergology

Dra. Rosa Elba Benuto


Dr. Roberto López Espinoza

Internal Medicine

Dr. Arturo García Mora


Dr. Raúl Barrios Márquez


Dr. Roberto Suástegui Román


Infraestructura tecnológica y certificaciones IT

Contamos con los más altos estándares internacionales para mantener privada toda la información

Content generation

We are leaders in Continuous Medical Education and we add value to all our clients and users.
So far we have generated:

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Congresses / Diplomas
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Support materials

We design materials for doctors, the sales force and the public in general in various formats. From printed to digital media, with Augmented Reality applications and interactive web in Virtual Reality.
We create referenced medical content, innovative digital design in new formats.


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